The shoe you didn’t know you needed…

The shoe you didn’t know you needed…

The Salomon ACS Pro… Yep, you read that right. 

This particular shoe has been proving popular and we just keep selling out! So many fire colour ways 🔥 two of my recent personal favourites are the Vanilla Ice Lunar Rock and the Pewter Aegean Blue. 

The first pair, shades of white, cream and silver. Clean and pristine 👌

The second, muted tones of grey with accents of teal. Both beautiful kicks 🤩

Perhaps, the most in your face colourways are those of the collaboration with L’art de L’Automobile - the automotive-inspired Streetwear brand. Not only are they in keeping with Salomon’s use of colours, they are much more elaborate. We have the ‘Lemon Cherry Tomato’ and the ‘Dazzling Blue Pink Glo’ both vibrant and certainly out there. 

What are you thoughts on the ACS Pro? Do you have a favourite colourway? 

Let us know!

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