A Timeless Trip: The End x Timex Q Series "Warp" Watch

A Timeless Trip: The End x Timex Q Series "Warp" Watch

Time is a funny thing. It can feel like it drags on forever, or else slip away in the blink of an eye. The End x Timex Q Series "Warp" watch takes this concept literally, with a design inspired by Salvador Dali's surreal masterpiece, The Persistence of Memory.

A Collaboration Built to Distort

This isn't your average wristwatch. This is a collaboration between the iconic American watchmaker Timex and the trendsetting British retailer END. Clothing. Together, they've warped the classic Q-Series design, creating a timepiece that's as much a conversation starter as it is a way to keep track of the minutes.

The watch's face is a dreamscape. The numerals and branding are all slightly askew, mimicking the melting clocks in Dali's painting. Even the hands are distorted, a constant reminder that our perception of time isn't always fixed. But don't worry, functionality isn't lost in the name of art. The watch features a day and date window, and it's all housed in a durable 38mm stainless steel case. Plus, with 50 meters of water resistance, you can wear it with confidence wherever your day takes you.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

The End x Timex Q Series "Warp" is more than just a quirky design. It's a statement piece, a reminder to appreciate the preciousness of time and to use it wisely. In a world obsessed with constant busyness, this watch is a nudge to slow down and savor the present moment.

Limited Edition with Lasting Impact

Launched on April 5th, 2024, the "Warp" was a limited edition release, so if you find one available from a retailer like eBay or Chrono24, you'll be the proud owner of a piece of watchmaking history.

Whether you're a Dali aficionado or simply someone who appreciates unique design, the End x Timex Q Series "Warp" is a watch that will turn heads and spark conversations. It's a reminder that time is precious, and that sometimes, the best way to keep track of it is to lose yourself in the beauty of the moment.

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