Authenticity Guarantee

Our Authenticity guarantee is designed to ensure the buyer of any sneakers from our website can shop in complete confidence that the item will be 100% genuine and has been through a number of thorough inspections to ensure authenticity of all items.

If in the unlikely event any sneaker is thought to be non-genuine, we will provide a shipping label to a third party validator who will decide on the authenticity of the item. The results of this validation will be visible to both parties. If the item is found to be genuine, the sneaker will be returned to the buyer and no refund will be issued.

In the unlikely circumstance that the item is found to be non-genuine, the purchase cost of the item plus shipping will be refunded to the buyer.
We are 100% against counterfeit products and believe these are a stain on the industry. Any counterfeit products will be destroyed in an eco-friendly manner where possible.

All of our products go through multiple validation checks to ensure authenticity and we only purchase from trusted legitimate suppliers.

As of July 2023, we have a 100% authenticity record and hope to ensure that we continue to keep counterfeit items out of circulation.